Renewing Vows


There are times when a married couple may feel it is appropriate to express and renew their love and commitment. There are many reasons for a couple to reaffirm their commitment to one another, one would be to re-enact their wedding day with their old friends and new friends, as well as family, and possibly their children, to share their life, their history and love story with their family in their latter years.

Re-affirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are also suitable for married couples to rekindle a serious marriage commitment after a crisis or separation. Others would choose to have the ceremony they have always dreamed of, that didn't happen the first time around. Others, and this would be the most common, would choose to reaffirm their vows on the occasion of a milestone anniversary.

I will write a ceremony that is unique. To do this, we need to have a meeting, to allow me the chance to gather all the appropriate information to prepare the ceremony.

There are no legal requirements for a Renewal of Vows so no birth or marriage certificates are required. The ceremony is usually very personal, it is the tale of a couple's love and their commitment to see each other through the rest of life's journey. In a time when many couples are marrying later in life, or have been married before, the ten, 15, and 20 year anniversaries are becoming more popular as a way to tangibly remind each other of your commitment to each other for the years to come.

The following list shows the special symbols for wedding anniversaries.

1stCotton or Paper
12thLinen and Silk
35thJade or Coral

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