Poems for Namings


As a Mother

As a mother you may put yourself second sometimes -
But you will always be first in the eyes of your child.
You gave life, but you will keep on giving love, support, and wisdom.
No gifts are more priceless than these.
Even though being a mother will never be easy
Remember that it is the most important job in the world
Trust your own judgement, and you will do just fine,
Ask for help when you need it,
take time out for laughter and tears,
And trust that experience will ease some of your fears.
As a mother, you are shaping the future

Jacqueline Schiff

Baby's Hand

Today I'll hold my baby's hand
And take time to explore.
The secrets of a baby's world
This moment has in store.
For that same hand will wave goodbye
When baby days have passed.
Today I'll hold my baby's hand
For babies grow so fast.

Being a Mother

Being a mother is wanting to pick up your children each time they fall,
But teaching them to pick up themselves instead.
Being a mother is wanting to keep your children from all hurt and harm,
But knowing that they must be taught to take care of themselves.

Being a mother is wanting to give your children the best of everything,
But knowing they will value life more if they wait and work for many of their rewards.

Being a mother is wanting to love your children with every aspect of yourself,
But knowing that some of the best love is given quietly, secretly, and in ways that they can understand.

Bless this Little Heart

This little white soul that has won the kiss of heaven, for our earth.
She loves the light of the sun, she loves the sight of her mother's face,
She has learned not to despise the dust, nor to hanker after gold.
Clasp her to your heart and bless her, she has come into this land of one hundred crossroads, I know not how she chose you from the crowd, how she came to your door,
and grasped your hand to ask you the way,
She will follow you, laughing and talking and not a doubt in her heart,
Keep her trust, lead her straight and bless her.
Lay your hand on her head and pray, that though the waves underneath grow threatening
Yet the breath from above may come,
and fill her sails and waft her to the haven of peace.
Forget her not in your hurry, let her come to your heart and bless her.

Rabindranath Tagore

Dads and Daughters

Each love in life is precious, with a meaning all its own.
Like the bond of Dad to Daughter, and a strength of love that’s grown.
He’s there in times of trouble, and when she needs a special friend,
He’s the figure she relies on, and of whom she can depend.

She gives to him that something, only fathers can portray,
Of a love so pure and endless and of joy in every way.
From the first steps ever taken, to her walking down the aisle,
He views her with unending pride and a love that makes him smile.
Dads are very special and no-one ever takes their place
Though many loves can come and go they’ll always have that cherished space.

Liana Preston

Every Child

Every child should know a hill,
And the clean joy of running down its long slope.
With the wind in his hair.
He should know a tree-
The comfort of its cool lap of shade,
And the supple strength of its arms
Balancing him between earth and sky
So he is the creature of both.
He should know bits of singing water -
The strange mysteries of its depths,
And the long sweet grasses that border it
Every child should know some scrap
Of uninterrupted sky, to shout against;
And have one star, dependable and bright,
For wishing on.

Edna Casler Joll.

A Good Example

Give your child definite rules of what’s right or wrong
Insist on telling them the whole truth always
Answer a child's questions truthfully never with a half truth
Always be fair and just with your children. Be your own example encourage generosity
Gentleness and modesty, forgiveness and civility in your child.
Punish a child for wilful disobedience but never for doing wrong without realising it.
Never punish a child for misbehaviour that is admitted.
Always accept blame yourself when it is justified. Praise your children when praise is deserved.
Set a good example at all times. Your children will copy you.


If he can come into this world and show you
that he's and angel from the start,
If he can fuss and kick and lose his halo,
Then turn around and smile and win your heart;
If he delights you, though at times he's naughty,
And makes you laugh at him instead of scold;
If at one moment he can try your patience,
Then the next be as good as gold.
If he pockets creatures from the creek,
And brings home every stray he's found;
If he encounters puddles in his path,
And stomps right through them,
Instead of going round;
If he can fill each day with high adventure,
And fill your life with happiness and joy,
Then he'll be everything you've always wanted
- A healthy, happy baby boy

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