Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for everyone. The arrival of a new baby can be celebrated with a naming ceremony. Providing a naming ceremony for older children is a beautiful way to affirm their self-esteem and give them a sense of unity with the family.

Step children and adopted children can be welcomed into their new or extended family with a naming ceremony.

A naming ceremony is a special occasion for your child. I will assist you in preparing a unique ceremony, and I will offer you resource material to choose words and poems. As a general guideline, the ceremony usually includes the following:

  • A welcome by Celebrant
  • Acknowledgement of special people in the child's life, such as grandparents and great grandparents and siblings.
  • Pledges by parents
  • Appointment of godparents
  • Poems or readings
  • A positive message of unity at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Presentation of Certificate of Naming, Godparents' Acknowledgement certificates and Grandparents' Acknowledgement certificates.

You can also include various symbols in the ceremony, i.e. lighting of a naming candle, wish box, or wish bowl.


"A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it".

Frank A Clark

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Tahna & Grace's
Naming Day
Naming Day
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Naming Day
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Naming Day
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Naming Day


I am the brother of her
And she is my sister.
She is too little for us
To talk to each other.

So every morning I show her
My car and my book;
But every morning she still is
Too little to look.

Dorothy Aldis