International Clients

If it is your wish to marry in Australia, I can be of assistance to you.

I can suggest some beautiful places on the Mornington Peninsula or the beautiful Dandenong ranges, or perhaps in the city of Melbourne. You will need the following documents:

You will need to obtain your Birth Certificate, and if either of you have been married before you will need to produce proof of how last marriage ended, ie Divorce/Death certificates. All of these papers must be brought with you on your arrival to Australia for sighting by the Celebrant. Please note: You can not be married in Australia unless you have these original papers with you. You can obtain a Notice of Intention to Marry from the Australian High Commission, Embassy or the Australian Foreign Affairs Department in your Country or you can download one here.

The back of the Form will tell you who can witness the form for you. This form can be lodged from your Country or you can mail it to myself prior to the wedding. This form must be lodged no later than one month & one day prior to the wedding. I will arrange for all the other paperwork required when you marry in Australia.

You will be presented with a Marriage Certificate on the day of the marriage, but You will need to apply to the Births Deaths & Marriages in Melbourne before your departure to obtain a copy of a Marriage Certificate for you to take home with you. It may need to be stamped by the Foreign Affairs Department to make your marriage legal anywhere in the world. This can be done before you leave Australia or applied for at a later time when you return to your home country.

Should you need any further information regarding a marriage in Australia please do not hesitate to Email Me.

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