Family Blending


These ceremonies are a wonderful way of uniting a family - or blending two families together. Sometimes when a couple marry, children may feel a little left out. Step relationships can often be difficult. A family blending ceremony is unique to the people involved and therefore requires the celebrant to meet with the family to discuss their situation and together work on the positives of family life. These ceremonies allow emotions to flow and can be quite moving.

A family is a place
to cry
and laugh
and vent frustrations
to ask for help
and tease
and yell to be touched
and hugged
and smiled at.

A family is people
who care when you are sad
who love you no matter what
who share your triumphs
who don’t expect you to be perfect
just growing with honesty in your own direction.

A family is a circle
where we learn to like ourselves
where we learn to make good decisions
where we learn to think before we do
where we learn integrity and table manners and
respect for other people
where we are special
where we share ideas
where we listen and are listened to
where we learn the rules of life to prepare ourselves for the world.

The world is a place
where anything can happen
If we grow up in a loving family we are ready for the world.

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