Commitment Ceremonies


Marriage is chosen by some as a way of defining their relationship, but others, for personal beliefs or legal reasons, may be unwilling or unable to be legally married. Therefore as a celebrant, I can offer an alternative commitment ceremony, where you and your partner, can declare your love to each other, before your family and friends.

There are no legal obligations to comply with, and you are free to include whatever you desire as part of your personal ceremony. Although a commitment is not a legal ceremony, it is considered a joyous and important occasion. It is a true uniting of two partners who are in love.

I will compose a memorable ceremony for you and on the day you will be presented with a beautiful certificate to commemorate your special day.

"From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home".

Unknown Author

To my Soul Mate

Somehow, out of all the twists and turns
Our lives could have taken
And out of all the chances we might have missed,
It almost seems like we were given a meant-to-be-moment
To meet, to get to know one another
And to set the stage for a special togetherness.
When I am with you
I know that I am in the presence
Of someone who makes my life more complete than
I ever dreamed it could be.
I turn to you for trust,
And you give it openly,
I look to you for inspiration, for answers,
And for encouragement and,
Not only do you never let me down.
You life my spirits up and
Take my thoughts to places where
My troubles seem
So much farther away
And my joys feel like they?re going to stay
In my life forever.
I hope you?ll stay forever too.
I feel like you?re my soul mate,
And want you to know
That my world is reassured by you,
My tomorrows need to have you near,
So many of my smiles depend on you,
And my heart is so thankful that you?re here.

Carey Martin


One mind, one heart, one thought...together alike.
Yet always the self, the self rules...
Two minds, two hearts, two thoughts...
The self...two tandem, linked, merged...
Understanding alike, different,together, apart.

We are individuals with separate feelings and separate personalities, whose unqualified love for each other makes us join as one.

As we work to make each other become a stronger individual, we can only become stronger together.
Our lives are enriched as we watch each other grow in God.

We come together to share our strengths, our weakness, our hopes, and our knowledge.
We come together to share our love, our lives, and our future.
We are always two, but we will always be one.
I love and respect all that you are.
I embrace all that is yours with all that I am.

Timothous Mack-Jones and Edward Jones-Mack